We are very sorry to report that Bill Danby, the creator of this website, passed away on 11th November 2020.

Realising that his health was failing, Bill had already made arrangements for this website to be handed over to Skelton History Group. We will honour his memory by taking his website into our care, so that the vast resource of information and photographs which he had assembled can remain available for future generations.

More details of Bill’s life can be found in this obituary

~~~Introduction – Acknowledgements – Links – C O N T A C T.
Page 112,000TO410ADThe Ice Age to the Romans.
Page 2410ADTO800Anglo Saxons and Vikings.
Page 3~~~Skelton’s Rosetta Stone.
Page 4800TO1066Conquered and Ruled by Danes.
Page 51066TO1119The Norman Conquest.
Page 61119TO1188Civil War, Guisborough Priory Founded.
Page 71188TO1216King John attacks Skelton.
Page 81216TO1272Crusades, Skelton Castle taken over.
Page 91272TO1291Skelton Castle lands split four ways.
Page 101291TO1301De Brus Tomb. Skelton a Borough ?
Page 111301TO1342Skelton descendant becomes a King.
Page 121342TO1400The Black Death decimates Skelton.
Page 131400TO1539Double insanity at Skelton Castle.
Page 141539TO1603Priory destroyed. Trotters buy Skelton.
Page 151603TO1642Alum mining in Skelton.
Page 161642TO1660Civil War
Page 171660TO1693Restoration. Quakers. Vagrants.
Page 181693TO1713Whipping Post. Old Church memorials.
Page 191713TO1736The Poor of Skelton. Bastardy Act.
Page 201736TO1747Jacobite Rebellion. Smuggling.
Page 211748TO1755New Church Gallery. Wardens Accounts.
Page 221756TO1773Murder most foul. Bawdy deeds at Skelton Castle. School Charity.
Page 231773TO1773Skelton Map 1773.
Page 241773TO1785A new Puritan style church for Skelton.
Page 251785TO1788The Old Castle destroyed and replaced
Page 261788TO1801Napoleon tries to invade Skelton.
Page 271801TO1801Skelton’s Home defence, 10 Billhooks.
Page 281801TO1813Horatio Nelson saves the country.
Page 291813TO1823Waterloo, Old tradespeople of Skelton.
Page 301824TO1841Wharton’s name at Skelton Castle.
Page 311841TO1849Typical Life [and Death] of this time.
Page 321850TO1857Discovery of ‘gold’. The Ironstone Rush.
Page 33Map1856Ordnance Survey Map of Skelton in 1856.
Page 341857TO1864New Parsonage. First Mines.
Page 351865TO1867Primitive Methodism.
Page 361868TO1869Halfpenny Bridge, Rushpool Hall Built.
Page 371870TO1870Skelton Nuisances, School Boards.
Page 381871TO1871Terrace housing. Railway viaduct built.
Page 391872TO1872Viaduct and 3 Mines opened.
Page 401873TO1873Birth of a Skelton Hero.
Page 411874TO1874First School Boards.
Page 421875TO1875Railway service starts. Typical trades.
Page 431876TO1876Skelton Castle in Hock to the Smugglers.
Page 441877TO1877New Methodist Chapel. More offences.
Page 451878TO1878Wharton Arms opened. More deaths.
Page 461879TO1879Drunk and Riotous – Bankrupt.
Page 471880TO1880N Skelton gets a P Office. Local offences.
Page 481881TO1881Population multiplies – Felons and Drunken Assaults.
Page 49Census1881Census – all the people who lived in Skelton in 1881.
Page 501882TO1882Mine Deaths – New Miners’ Hospital.
Page 511883TO1883Kid Catcher – Poaching Affray.
Page 521884TO1884New Church in the High Street – Pigeons pinched.
Page 531885TO1885Workers get Right to Vote. Child cruelty.
Page 541886TO1886The Old Miners at Skelton Park Pit – Lunatic Asylum.
Page 551887TO1887Pupil beaten. Begging.
Page 561888TO1888Bell death. Band of Hope.
Page 571889TO1889County Councils start – Bastardy and Poor Grub.
Page 581890TO1890Skelton Parish News – Liberals and Trouble at Pit.
Page 591890TO1890Bulmers directory. Old Skelton trades.
Page 601890TO1890North Skelton trades.
Page 611890TO1890Park Street, An Ironstone miner’s life.
Page 621891TO1891The Workhouse. Local complaints.
Page 631892TO1892Coal strike. Local starvation. Free breakfasts.
Page 641893TO1893Royal Wedding. Cost of Living.
Page 651894TO1894The Skelton Volunteers – Steam Fire Engine.
Page 66Map1894Map of Skelton in 1894.
Page 671895TO1895How to stop Juvenile Delinquency starting.
Page 681896TO1896Sewerage System Complete – Mine Deaths.
Page 691897TO1897Victoria’s Jubilee. North Skelton’s New ‘Tute.
Page 701898TO1898New Church Rooms, Primitive Methodist Chapel.
Page 711899TO1899Boer War Starts, New Institute in Skelton.
Page 721900TO1900Death of the Squire. Mafeking. Smuggler Family Suicide.
Page 731901TO1901Death of Victoria. Boer War Hospital.
Page 74Census1901Census – All the people who lived in Skelton in 1901.
Page 751902TO1902End of Boer War. Coronation. Bye Election controversy.
Page 761903TO1903New School system. Telephones coming.
Page 771904TO1904Rushpool Hall burnt down – More deaths.
Page 781905TO1905Rushpool Hall Restored. Poaching. Drunks.
Page 791906TO1906Liberals win. Last service in Old Church.
Page 801907TO1907Electricity coming at “high pressure.”
Page 811908TO19084th Yorks Battalion formed.
Page 821909TO1909Old Age Pensions. Protection for Children.
Page 831909TO1909Murder in Skelton Beck
Page 841909TO1909Tradespeople in 1909.
Page 851910TO1910Halfpenny Bridge. More deaths.
Page 861911TO1911Coronation of George V.
Page 871912TO1912Coal Strike – Distress. Cricket Cup.
Page 881913TO1913New Drill Hall. Roman Signal Station.
Page 89Rate Book1913The Parish Rate Book for 1913.
Page 901914TO1914World War I, 1914.
Page 911915TO1915World War I, 1915.
Page 921914TO1918Skelton Men who fought in World War I.
Page 931916TO1916World War I, 1916.
Page 941917TO1917World War I, 1917.
Page 951918TO1918World War I, 1918.
Page 961918TO1919Memorials to those who died in World War I.
Page 97~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in Belgium 1.
Page 98~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in Belgium 2.
Page 99~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in England.
Page 100~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 1.
Page 101~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 2.
Page 102~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 3.
Page 103~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 4.
Page 104~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 5.
Page 105~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 6.
Page 106~~~Skelton Graves and Memorials in France 7.
Page 107~~~Skelton Memorials in Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Italy and Germany.
Page 1081919TO1920Stanghow Lane Memorial, Skelton Celtic.
Page 1091921TO1921Village War Memorials unveiled.
Page 1101922TO1923Rise of Labour.
Page 1111924TO1926General Strike. Hardship.
Page 1121927TO1928Votes for Women. Strikes illegal.
Page 113Map1928Map of Skelton in 1928.
Page 1141929TO1929Wall Street Crash. Labour most Seats.
Page 1151930TO1930Two million unemployed.
Page 1161931TO1931Britain close to bankruptcy. Dreaded Means Test.
Page 1171932TO1933Cellar Explosion, Rise of Hitler.
Page 1181934TO1934Skelton loses Old Saltburn, Castle Wedding, Tiger Flower.
Page 1191935TO1935George V Jubilee, Air Raid Precautions.
Page 1201936TO1936German expansion. Abdication.
Page 1211937TO1937Skelton Shops.
Page 1221938TO1938Hitler’s advance. Preparation for War.
Page 1231939TO1939World War II.
Page 1241940TO1940World War II.
Page 1251941TO1943World War II.
Page 1261944TO1945World War II.

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