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Page 1. The Well in front of the Whipping Post

Page 2.

Robert Atterton 1862, Mine Death.
Rock Villa.
First Passenger Train over the Viaduct.

Page 3.

The Mistakes on the Church War Memorial.
Harker Street, Skelton Green.
The Murder of Daniel Chilvers.

Page 4.

The First Buses through Skelton.
A Postcard from Skelton - 1914.

Page 5.

Where are the Skelton Court Rolls ?
In which year were the Miners'Terrace Houses in Skelton built ?
1901 Census - 8 Thomas St and John St, New Skelton.

Page 6.

Eric Garrett, Skelton's World Class Opera Singer.
Skelton's Blind Coalman.
Allbrooks, 11 Trout Hall Lane.

Page 7.

A Letter from America.
William Barker, Ironstone Deputy - killed 1st March 1910.
Herbert Lees lost in the wreck of the Samtampa.

Page 8.

William David Bunning, Skelton's Gamekeeper.
The Harker-Mohun brothers of 9 Boosbeck Rd, Skelton Green.

Page 9.

How Richard St and William St, North Skelton obtained their names.
A letter from America - Ness Hagg.

Page 10.
Silks - Souvenir postcards brought home to Skelton from the First World War.

Page 11.

Corporal Harry Leeks of North Skelton.
Trouthall Farm, 1850 to 1881.

Page 12.

Guisborough Workhouse 1918 - Wilfred Searle.
Skelton Parish Magazines - 1890's

Page 13.

William Partridge - 7 William St, North Skelton.
Gill, Young, Emmerson, Wood.

Page 14.

Skelton School Report from 1868.
Tippet's Chapel, New Skelton.

Page 15.
Henry Bennison, Born Skelton 1893/4, Killed Carlin How Mine 1940.

Page 16.

Skelton's Orchestra - 1920s.
Two Rave Reviews.

Page 17.
Skelton's Patriotic Song Writer.

Page 18.
Skelton Story of Forbidden Love.

Page 19.
Louisa Taberner, Brotton and Skelton Fish Shop Magnate.

Page 20.
Memories of "Tims" Chapel and Wartime Skelton.

Page 21.
James Rooks. A First World War Wrong - Finally Put Right.

Page 22.
Macabre Coincidence of Father and Son Deaths on the Railway Line.

Page 23.
The Skelton Castle Mortgage - in Hock to the Smugglers.

Page 24.
The North Skelton Hussars.

Page 25.
New Skelton Mother on Murder Charge. Baby Drowned in the Sea.

Page 26.
Skelton's Antarctic Hero - Frank Wild CBE.

Page 27.
The Overseers of the Poor.

Page 28.
The Ratepayers of Skelton in the 1820's

Page 29.
How the Ratepayers money was spent - Cash payments, Rents, Clothing etc.

Page 30.
How the Ratepayers money was spent - Constable, Vestry, Roads etc.

Page 31.
How the Ratepayers money was spent - Settlement, Apprenticeships, Passengers, the Insane.

Page 32.

Page 33.
The Lay Subsidy of 1301. Skelton Taxpayers.

Page 34.
The Skelton Pocket Watch.

Page 35.
The Skelton Pioneers - Our American Cousins.

Page 36.
A Skelton Schoolboy 1820 - William Emmerson's Sum Book.

Page 37.
The Skelton Parish Census of 1821. The Parish Church Register of Baptisms.

Page 38.
The Skelton Boer War Hospital 1907.

Page 39.
The Boosbeck Band and Drinking Party. Where are the Yaxleys ?

Page 40.
A First World War Romance in Skelton.

Page 41.
Skelton Land Tax Payers 1793.

Page 42.
A Skelton lad's Canadian adventure and a tragic end.

Page 43.

A Book from Australia.
An American descendant of the Trotters of Skelton Castle.

Page 44.
The Skelton Volunteers of 1803.

Page 45.
Skelton Tithes Map 1844.

Page 46.
Charles Bisset MD. Skelton's 18th Century Doctor and Military Engineer.

Page 47.
Charles Bisset MD. Skelton's 18th Century Doctor and Military Engineer. The 23 foot Worm.

Page 48.
Thomas Pattinson, Skelton Saddler and Bell Bros, Ironmasters.

Page 49.
Love Letter to the Skelton Saddler's Daughter.

Page 50.
Robert Bannister, Skelton Green Howard. Artistic Greetings from a German POW Camp.

Page 51.
Squadron Leader Joe Reed, DFC, Skelton Schoolmaster and War Hero.

Page 52.
The Hearth Tax for Skelton in 1673.

Page 53.
The Stanghow Lane School Jubilee Magazine 1936.

Page 54.
The Skelton Immigrants to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Page 55.
How Wesleyan Methodism came to Skelton in Cleveland.

Page 56.
The Skelton Parish Registers for 1567 to 1657.

Page 57.
The Skelton Parish Registers for 1657 to 1875.

Page 58.
The Last Deputy out of the Last Cleveland Mine - Frank Holmes.

Page 59.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1894.

Page 60.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1895.

Page 61.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1896.

Page 62.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1897 and 1898.

Page 63.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1899.

Page 64.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1900.

Page 65.
The Minute Book of the Skelton Co-operative Society Committee - 1901.

Page 66.
Skelton has the First Alum Works in Cleveland.

Page 67.
Who made the Wood Carvings in All Saints Church, High St, Skelton ?
Rowley Family connections to Skelton ?

Page 68.
A Charter issued by Peter de Brus III of Skelton Castle.

Page 69.
The Wharton Arms Hotel, Skelton in Cleveland.

Page 70.
Sword Dancing in the 1900s.

Page 71.
Skelton Crime Watch - The Parish Constable.

Page 72.
Skelton Crime Watch - The Manor Court.

Page 73.
Skelton Crime Watch - North Riding Constabulary Established.

Page 74.
Skelton Crime Watch - Victorian Police and the 1900s.

Page 75.
Skelton Crime Watch - Modern Shame and Corruption.

Page 76.
Stephen Emmerson - The Miners' Friend - 1806 to 1887.

Page 77.
An American Lady's Pre-War Search for her Skelton Ancestors.

Page 78.
The Judsons at the Royal George.

Page 79.
Skelton on Fire.

Page 80.
A Victorian Yorkshire Dialect Poem about Skelton.

Page 81.
The Will of Stephen Emmerson, the Elder. 1834.

Page 82.
Charles Holmes, Bomber Command War Hero and Skeltoner to the End.

Page 83.
Skelton Castle Squire who served in both World Wars and shot his Gamekeeper dead.

Page 84.
The Skelton Brothers who met in 1916 at Ypres and not again until they were old men.

Page 85.
Photographs of Skelton in the 1950s, before the "modern" Housing Estates.

Page 86.
Ghosts in the Old Church. A Youtube Video.

Page 87.
The Skelton Centenarian, who could remember the Crimean War.

Page 88.
Herbert Pigg, Skelton Scout Master, who fought in the First World War.

Page 89.
Memories of the Orphans at Hollybush Farm, 1904 to 1920.

Page 90.
A Message from New Zealand and Richardsons of Skelton.

Page 91.
Church Rates for the Parish of Skelton in Cleveland.

Page 92.
How the Church Rates were Spent. Court Costs, Bread and Wine and Gunpowder Treason.

Page 93.
How the Church Rates were Spent. Church Repairs and Rebuilding.

Page 94.
How Church Rates were Spent. Church Contents, Wages, Killing Vermin, Dog Whipper.

Page 95.
Church Rates. How the Money was gathered in.

Page 96.
Skelton Churchwardens elected to manage Church and Poor Rates - 1718 to 1814.

Page 97.
The Saga of Hannah Emmerson of Hollybush Farm, Skelton and Margaret Barker.

Page 98.
The Petch Family in Skelton in Cleveland.

Page 99.
The Miners' Arms, Boosbeck Rd, Skelton Green.

Page 100.
Map of North and South Skelton Ironstone Mines about 1925. New 2018.

Page 101.
The Marriage that Never Happened - Bastardy - and Then Did. New 2018.

Page 102.
1866 Lease of Mining Rights - Emmerson to Wharton. New 2018.

Page 103.
The Bell Family of Rushpool Hall, Skelton. New 2018.

Page 104.
The Ironstone Miners' Friends. New 2019.

Page 105.
Let There Be Light. New 2019.

Page 106.
John Andrew, The Skelton Smuggler. New 2019.

Page 107.
A Drop o' Good Watter. New 2019.

Page 108.
Skelton's 'Great Stink'. New 2019.

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