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William Partridge, age about 73.
Lindsay Henry of Sheffield sent this photograph of her great, great, grandfather William Partridge.

At the 1881 census he was an ironstone miner, aged 41, living at 7 William Street, North Skelton.
His life illustrates the moving about some people did in those days to find work.
Robert Partridge was probably William's elder brother.
He also worked down the ironstone mine and was living at 10 Richard St, North Skelton.
They had both been born in Devon and married girls from the same Devon village of North Molton.
As agriculture became more mechanised there was a general movement away from the land for work in industry.
About 1861 they moved to Cardiff, where 3 of their children were born.
By 1872 they were in Liverton, N Yorks, about 8 miles from Skelton, where William's daughter Elizabeth was born.
In 1873 they were living in Skelton, where William's son John was born.
John was to die of a heart attack at 16 years of age.
In 1874 they are in Lofthouse, close to Liverton, where Henry and Mary Partridge are born.
By 1876 they have moved to the addresses above in North Skelton.
Around 1893 William moved on to Barnsley, Yorks to work in the coal mines.
He left behind in Skelton, his daughter Elizabeth, who by this time had married Andrew Turnbull.
By 1901 William's brother Robert had returned to Cardiff.
William stayed in Barnsley and died there aged 77, allegedly after a shift at the pit in Hemsworth.
His wife Susan died two days later and they had a joint funeral.


The following message was received from Stephen Griffiths of Brentwood, Essex.

I hope you may be able to help me in my search for my family history. My grandparents William George Gill (1866 to 1928) and Hannah Margaret Gill (nee Bell -- 1870 to 1965) lived at 117 High Street, Skelton-in Cleveland.
I believe they are burried in a cemetery in Skelton.
My mother always told me that I was named after a relative of hers called Stephen Emmerson and I have an old school exercise book dated 1820 that has the name of a William Emmerson on the front.
On your website there is a reference to a Stephen Emmerson who I suspect is the relative.
Searching through the census records I believe that he was a batchelor and that his neice, Alice Emmerson, married a William Young, whose daughter Sarah married my great-grandfather George Gill.
I remember as a child my grandmother saying that the butcher in the High Street, Youngs, was a relative though I don't know the details.
My grandmother (Hannah Margaret Bell) always said that her parents were corn millers at Ruswarp but I have not been able to verify this from the census returns.
I do know that her father, Richard Bell, married a Mary Wood whose parents, Bryan and Mary Wood, had the Mill at Saltburn.
My grandmother always used to tell a story of one of her ancestors (who engaged in a bit of smuggling) hiding a cask of brandy from the Revenue men by sitting on it and concealing it in her skirt.
I suspect that this would be my great-great grandmother, Mary Wood (wife of Bryan).
If you have any references to any other of my ancestors (Gills, Youngs, Emmersons, Woods) within your history records, or if you know of anyone related to these families who is interested in genealogy, I would be very grateful if you could let me know.

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