Ice Age. Cleveland was covered by glaciers some 800 feet deep until around 12,000 BC.
Stone Age artifacts found by the Rev Atkinson on 'Skelton Moor'.
Bronze Age hoard found on Roseberry Topping.
Iron Age fort on Eston Nab, from a painting by local artist, Andrew Hutchinson.
Wades Causeway, Roman road on North Yorks Moors.
Roman Signal Station, Huntcliff. Excavated 1911. Eroded into the sea by 1979.
Items from Anglo-Saxon burial site, Hob Hill, Saltburn.
Anglo-Saxon female skeleton with bracelets, Norton.
Items from Anglo-Saxon burial site, Loftus.
Fragment of Anglo-Saxon Sun Dial from old Skelton Church.
The De Brus Tomb, Guisborough Parish Church.
Child's stone coffin, Skelton Old Church.
Dissolution of the Monasteries. Guisborough Priory pulled down 1540.
Skelton from the Hills.
Skelton Ellers.
Edward Trotter of Skelton Castle. Died 1708 aged 71.
John Hall Stevenson of Skelton Castle, 1718 to 1785.
Laurence Sterne, 1713 to 1768.
Skelton All Saints, old Parish Church.
Tombstone in Skelton old Parish Church.
West side of Skelton Castle showing how it was built on a promontory.
Chemist's shop, Skelton High Street..
Watercolour of Skelton Cross Green.
North Riding Constabulary.
Skelton Shaft Ironstone Mine.
'Fancy' Rail Bridge carrying line to Shaft and Park Mines.
Remains of rail line between Shaft and Park Pits.
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Green Rd.
Railway Viaduct started 1865. Opened 1872.
Halfpenny Bridge. Completed 1869.
Rushpool Hall. Built 1869. Burnt down 1904. Restored 1905.
Navvies, reputed to be among those excavating North Skelton Mine Shaft .
Viaduct opened 1872 and Marske Mill-race intact.
North Skelton Ironstone Mine. Opened 1872. Wooden headgear.
New Skelton Cemetery. Cemetery Keeper's House and Mortuary Chapel behind.
Claphow Double Bridge.
Marske Mill on Skelton Beck.
Viaduct and Marske Mill mill-race.
North Skelton Ironstone Mine as it was in 1960.
Park Pit.
Skelton High Street.
Viaduct. Longacre chimney in distance.
South Skelton Mine.

Church Lane.
Chemists Shop. Alexander Ellis..
George Andrew and family outside the White House Farm.
Long Acre Ironstone Mine - Opened 1876 by Bolckow and Vaughan..
Skelton Methodist Chapel, First Right. Opened 1877.
Wharton Arms Hotel and Cleveland Hounds.
Boosbeck Station used by Skelton folk until North Skelton Station opened in 1902.
Saltburn Corn Mill, mentioned as far back as 1408 Inquisition into Skelton Estate.
Saltburn Mill in ruin and demolished early 1900s.
Miners foot bridge at Saltburn Mill..
Saltburn Cliff Lift built by Pier Company, headed by J T Wharton of Skelton Castle.
Saltburn Cliff Lift can be seen top right and how the area round Catnab looked at the time..
Boosbeck Rd, Skelton Green.
South Skelton Ironstone Mine - Vaughan's Pit.
Skelton Cross Green. Note sheep pens.
Seated second from Right, Isobel Mohun, 1860 - 1949, of 9 Boosbeck Rd, with her sisters.
North Skelton Signal Box.
North Skelton Primitive Methodist Chapel.
North Skelton Ironstone Mine. Wooden Head-gear.
Long Acre Ironstone Mine, Skelton. Opened 1876.
Cottage Hospital, Brotton. Used by Skelton Mines until Skelton Green Hospital built 1883.
Miners Hospital Guisborough, built 1873. Used by Skelton Mines until Skelton Green Hospital built 1883.
The Miners' Hospital, Skelton Green. Built 1883.
Ironstone Miners' Horse Ambulance.
Long Acre Ironstone Mine, Skelton. Opened 1876.
Stanghow Lane School.
Rev John Gardiner, Rector of Skelton from 1857 to 1886. Main mover of new Church.
All Saints Church Skelton completed in 1884.
Park Pit. Under Managers and Deputies.
Reverend Robert James Ellis MA. Rector of Skelton, 1886 - 1911.
John Bell and Family. Rushpool Hall.
Skelton High Street. Gas Lights.
Skelton High St. New Church.
Church Lane.
Skelton Cross Green. Horse and Trap outside Draper's shop. Now demolished.
Skelton Green Post Office, Boosbeck Road.
Police Station, then a Butcher's, then a General Dealer.
Chemist Corner. A Ellis and Newcastle Stores.
Skelton High Street. Late 1800s.
John Arthur Dorman, Rushpool Hall resident, Mine owner and Industrialist.
North Skelton Butcher.
Green Inn, Skelton Green.
Boosbeck Rd, Skelton Green, Walker's Undertakers shop.
John Richardson, Blacksmith, 20 Trout Hall Lane.
Park Street.
Park Street.
Park Street Sword Dancers.
Park Street, Back.
Skelton High Street in early 1900s.
Skelton's Steam Roller.
New Skelton Cemetery in 1905.
Skelton Park Pit Miners.
Skelton High St before Institute built here in 1899.
Skelton on the Hills.
Boosbeck Station, used by Skeltoners for years before they had their own.
Boosbeck Rd. Nurse in Miners' Hospital doorway.
Hollybush Farm, Skelton. Hannah Emmerson and Alice Emmerson.
Victoria, Diamond Jubilee. 1897.
North Skelton Institute opened August 1897.
North Skelton Miners.
Skelton High Street prior to 1900.
Skelton High Street.
Green Road, Skelton.
Kingston Chemists.
Skelton High Street.
Skelton Institute First Right.
Castle and Cleveland Hounds.
Boosbeck School and South Skelton Mine in background.
North Skelton Mine entrance.
Old Royal George.
4 South Terrace. Convalescent Home in Boer and First World Wars.
Chemists corner.
North Skelton "Hope to Prosper" Band, 1903 behind the "Trust House" [Bulls Head Hotel].
Fred Bell's Orchestra. Fred Bell is second from the Left.
Hollybush Farm.
Bridge over Leyland Beck to Railway Station.
Skelton High Street, early 1900s.
Frank and Mary Ward in 1903, with their children left to right, Gordon, Andrew and Frank.
South Skelton Miners, 2 December 1903.
Park Pit in 1904.
Rushpool Hall before the fire of 1904
Front of Rushpool before the Fire.
Rushpool Hall Fire, 1904.
Interior damage Rushpool Hall fire.
Skelton's Steam fire engine hosing down next day.
After the Fire.
Rushpool Hall after fire. Middle distance is Longacre Ironstone Mine. Far distance North Skelton Mine.
Smallholding Skelton Green Bank. 'Rotherham Castle'. Park St in background.
Smallholding Skelton Green Bank.
Skelton West End.
Skelton Church, built 1884.
North Skelton Infants School in 1905.
North Skelton Clown Sword Dancers outside the Village Hall.
Skelton High Street.
Skelton Co-op in 1895.
Skelton Co-op in 1895.
Infants concert in Skelton Institute in 1906.
North Skelton Mine. Manager's One Horse Power Limousine.
3 East Terrace, William Wood, Joiner and Undertaker.
Smart's Stores, Vaughan St, North Skelton.
North Skelton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.
Skelton High Street.
Elliott Street, Skelton Green.
Boosbeck Road, Skelton Green, Miners Arms.
Excavating the lake at Skelton Castle.
Skelton Castle Lake.
Skelton Castle in 1906.
Skelton Castle Hunt from a Card postmarked 1907.
Skelton West End prior to 1908.
Skelton Old Prize Band in 1908.

Skelton Castle, Cleveland Hunt.
Rushpool Hall.
Skelton Church Choir. Rev R. J. Ellis, centre of middle row
Skelton Co-operative Society officials in 1909.
Skelton Castle with old car and chauffeur. Card posted in Skelton in 1909.
Skelton Castle Kennels in 1909.
Number 3 Skelton High Street.
Mackenzie's West End Stores in 1909. Still there in 1930s.
Skelton High Street 1909. Nos 5, 7, 11, 13, 15, 21, 27, 37, 47 all shops or trade premises.
Mr and Mrs William Knaggs, Bootmakers. 97 High St.
Bolckow St, North Skelton.
North Skelton Station.
Harker Street, Skelton Green, now demolished.
Cleveland Street, Skelton Green, now demolished.
Halfpenny Bridge Keeper's Lodge. 1909 Richard Brough, ex Skelton Police Constable.
New Skelton. White building Primitive Methodist Chapel. Dairy Farm top Right.
Skelton Cross Green Infants School, 1910.
Boilermen at Park Pit in 1910.
Stanghow Lane Girls' School. Standard III, Group II in 1912,
Skelton United just before First World War.
Skelton Castle Cricket XI in 1912. Winners Cleveland Challenge Cup.
Skelton Park Mine Football Team in 1912 - in typical old fashioned formation.
Skelton Workingmen's Club Committee in 1912.

Skelton Detachment "G" of The 4th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment. At Annual Camp before the War.
Card from Skelton in 1914. Soldier in field.
Skelton men of the 4th Yorks Battn at Annual Camp prior to First War.
Interior of the Skelton Red Cross Hospital at the Wharton Hall, Green Rd.
The 4th Yorks Battalion Band.
Hobdale Terrace.
Nurses at the First War Red Cross Hospital, Wharton Hall, Green Rd.
North Skelton Band with Squire W H A Wharton and his second wife Elizabeth seated in the front row.
Skelton Celtic in 1920.
Skelton Castle Hockey Team about 1919.
Hemingway's Yellow Bus, [Lancia model] High St, Skelton. Conductress entrance to bus garage.
Skelton War Memorial unveiled 11 November 1921.
North Skelton Cricket 1928 to 1929.
Skelton West End from the Hills 1930s.
North Skelton St Peter's Church Football Team 1930/31.
Skelton Castle, Cleveland Hunt, W H A Wharton.
Skelton West End. Thubron's shop.
24th February 1933, Snow Plough clearing road to Moorsholm.
Skelton Fire Engine outside the old Fire Station at the bottom of Green Road.
Skelton 1st Wolf Cubs in 1933.
149 and 151 High St, Dowson shops in 1930s.
Skelton from the hills in 1930s.
Skelton High Street 1930s.
Skelton from Flowson end of the The Hills, a Postcard published by J. W. Neal of Skelton in Cleveland.
York House, Doctor Stevenson's Surgery 1930s.
United Bus outside Institute. Wooden Bus Garage next down.
Skelton Cooperative Society.
Skelton High St, Dowson shop with sun shade.
153 to 157 High St, Northern Gas Co Showrooms 1940/50s.
The Green Inn, Boosbeck Road, Skelton Green.
The Hut, Boosbeck Road - Barber Jack's.
Manless Terrace, Skelton Green.
Manless Green Farm.
Skelton High Street. From a Postcard dated 1938.
Park Pit as it was in 1904. Closed in 1938.
Skelton Infants school 1939.
Skelton Infant's School, 1940.
Skelton Literary Institute, first Right.
Skelton Sunday School in 1940.
Skelton High St in the 1940s.
Skelton High Street as it was just after the Second World War.
Skelton Cub Scouts - Jim Corner, Norman Judson, Eric Garrett and Graham Mathieson. About 1943.
Skelton Fire Engine late 1930s.
3 East Terrace, Skelton.
Skelton from the fields 1950s.
Skelton from the Hills 1950s.
High Street, 1940/50s
Skelton Cross Green 1940/50s.
Skelton Green Road 1940/50s.
The Hills, 1940s.
From the Hills, 1950s.
Back of High Street.
Skelton Green, Miners' Arms.
Rushpool Hall Stables built of Park Pit Ironstone.
Charles and Hannah Skipper at the Wharton Arms 1940s.
Skelton Businessmen, 'Felons', at Wharton Arms, 1950s.
Cleveland Hounds at Wharton Arms 1950s.
Cleveland Hounds at Wharton Arms 1950s.
Wharton Arms, 1950s

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