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Photographs of Skelton in Cleveland before the New Estates were built.

These photographs have been kindly contributed by Chris Holmes of Carshalton, Surrey. See webpage about his Dad, who served in Bomber Command, on page 82.

Note the Halfpenny Bridge in the distance that was demolished in 1974.

Note - on the Right with double doors, the old Bus Garage [now the Fire Station] and the next building, the Literary Institute [demolished in 1994, once the site of the Old Wharton Arms.]

The United Bus Stop first Left was where locals waited for the No 65 to Loftus, Whitby, Scarborough.
Buses for Lingdale stopped underneath the Players Advert and came punctually on the half hour from Redcar and Saltburn alternately.
Buses for Redcar and Saltburn stopped outside the Institute opposite the No 65 stop.
To go to Middlesbrough one waited at the stop outside the Co-operative shops, seen here first Right, before the tasteful Victorian frontage was replaced with the present day, lime green, PVC eye-sore.

Skelton West End, Cross Green..

Skelton From the Hills.

Skelton, Green Road.

John Dowey sweeping up the leaves in Church Lane.
[Photograph contributed by Chris Holmes, taken from a newspaper cutting of unknown date or publication.
If anyone knows anymore about John Dowey, please email address on Intro page.
Owen Rooks, old Skeltoner, now living in Sunderland informs us:-
There is a John Dowey who was born on 3rd November 1921; his parents were Alfred and Elsie Mary Dowey who both lived in Skelton (1911 Census) and married about November 1917.
Mrs Dowey was Herbert Piggís [see page 88] sister, so John was Herbertís nephew and possibly a Boy Scout, which is probably the reason that Chris Holmesís father kept the cutting.
Iím assuming that in sweeping up the leaves in Church Lane, John would have been employed by the Estate.
In 1939 he was sharing a household with his parents within the Skelton and Brotton UDC area (info gleaned from the 1939 Register) .
John did not appear to marry and died in East Cleveland area (Skelton?) in 1992.
] ]

Skelton, Church Lane.

Skelton High Street.
In the 1950s, the Shop first Right in the photograph, at the top of Robinson St, was an Electric Showroom. On the opposite corner was Annie Dowson's Grocery Shop. There is a photograph of her and her husband on Page 69.
On the opposite end of the block at the top of Dixon Street was the Gas Showroom run by Horace Harding. On the opposite side to that was Raymond Paley's hardware shop.

The Hills. Top of the steps in 1946.

Skelton Beck. Decay of the mill race.

Skelton West End From the Hills. Card posted 1963.

Skelton in 1994.

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