Skelton in Cleveland - Crime Watch - Modern Shame and Corruption.

Mr David Mcluckie, Ex-Chairman of Redcar and Cleveland Police Authority and ex-Labour Skelton Councillor.
Mr Sean Price, ex-Chief Constable.

The first Chief Constable in 1856 issued the following directive:-
Superintendents will impress upon all the members of the Constabulary that the most rigid economy must be exercised in making out their accounts and no unnecessary expense as to postage be incurred.
The following facts have been collated from newpaper reports currently available on the Internet.

In October 2012 Cleveland's Chief Constable, Sean Price, became the first in the UK to be sacked and on the 18th June 2013 David Mcluckie, the Labour Chairman of the Cleveland Police Authority was jailed for perverting the course of Justice.
It emerged that during the previous decade they had run a regime of deceit, lying, misconduct and mis-use of public funds.
Price started in 2003 on a salary of £125,000 and between them they connived to increase this already exhorbitant amount to around £200,000, one of the highest in the country.
He also received a “retention package” worth £50,000 a year to prevent him being poached by other forces, a £24,000 performance bonus and £32,000 car allowance, £4,000 a year towards private school fees for his son, and £1,000 towards private health insurance.
Scandalously he left with a pension payout of around £300,000 and also kept his annual pension of around £60,000-a-year.
They also had credit cards that were charged to the local taxpayer. Price spent £57,800 on his between 2006 and 2011.
Price's gross misconduct charge arose after an Independent Police Complaints Commission panel found he asked his secretary Frances Bage to lie for him to investigators.
He is said to have inquired whether there was a job available for McLuckie's daughter before she landed a civilian post with the force at a time of high local unemployment.

Modern Thoughtlessness.
Bylands Road, Skelton Anti-Social Housing Estate,
21st December 2014.

But when this was probed, the IPCC said Price asked Frances to lie about his involvement. She initially agreed but later said she was pressured into it.
Price's second wife, Det Chief Insp Heather Eastwood, 41, resigned from her post with the Cleveland Police, as she faced a disciplinary proceedings hearing into an allegation that she failed to inform her superiors when she was arrested for being drunk and disorderly in 2011.
Price had come to believe that his position entitled him to order people around as he wished, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

McLuckie was convicted of Perverting the course of Justice at Newcastle Crown Court.
He then resigned as one of the Labour Councillors for Skelton.
He had been caught Speeding. Facing a driving ban, he had persuaded his friend, at the time, Maurice Ward of Dixon Street, Skelton to accept the penalty points on his behalf.
Maurice, who sadly died of lung cancer 2013, was a grand lad and a native of Skelton. He was my school-mate at Skelton Green Junior School in the late 1940s.
There is a photograph of his Dad, Andrew, as a young Ironstone Miner on the page for 1922 to 1926.
Maurice was a direct descendant of John Andrew, the famous Skelton smuggler and used to have in his possession a wooden "smugglers" chest with "secret" compartments, which had been passed down to him by his Grandmother.
Maurice naively agreed to do Mcluckie a favour at the time, but when he lay dying in Hospital and the Councillor had ignored him, he realised that Mcluckie had used him for his own selfish purposes and revealed the Perversion of Justice that had occurred.
Mcluckie was jailed for 8 months and later faced the same Court for allegedly intimidating a witness.
As Chairman of the Police Authority, despite being a supposed Labour man, who "put people first", Mcluckie claimed £123,000 in expenses in five years and spent £11,261 on the Police Credit Card, mentioned above, according to figures released by the Force, much of it in excessive restaurant bills.
Such blatant disregard for the taxpayers' money seems typical of his Socialist kind and has resulted in the present plethora of Debt at National and Local levels.
Mcluckie, like Price, also left his wife and family for someone he met in the course of police business.
In addition to the above Price and Mcluckie had been on expenses-paid booozy jaunts to functions in the United States and elsewhere during the course of their time in control.
The Police have often been nick-named "Pigs", but not usually for greedily snouting in the trough.
All in all a disgraceful episode in the History of Policing in our area.

Longacre defiled. 22nd February 2015.

Path to North Skelton. 22nd February 2015.

The old Station Master's House - windows all smashed and vandalised by local yobbos - June 2016.

The old Station Master's House - Skelton History despised - September 2016.

The old Station Master's House - Arson. September 1918.


Cleveland Police - "Reported Crime" Chart for Skelton.

It may seem an obvious correlation that more Council and Police expenditure and better standards of living should equal less Crime.
All the recent Crime figures show that the opposite is in fact true.

In 1856 the single mother was taken before the local Magistrates and forced to take out a Filiation Order against the Father, who in turn was compelled to pay maintenance for his child and jailed if he did not.

If you had told a villager in those days that in just 150 years time a single mother could have 5 children to several different fathers and her income would be "restricted" to £23,000 per annum with free Rent, free schooling, free medical treatment, free School dinners etc, etc, they would have been incredulous and morally shocked.
In 1856 when Policing in this area first started Skelton people had to carry their water from the well to hovels lit by candles.

Skelton Crime Map for October 2014.
Showing concentration of anti-social behaviour in Social housing areas.

If you had described to them all the modern household appliances and things we take for granted today, like hot running water, central heating, flush toilets etc, it would have been a picture of an impossible Utopia.
What would have been even more incredible to folk who had nothing is the fact than in a world where people who have comparatively everything Crime and especially anti-social behaviour has increased out of all proportion.
The statistics for Skelton shown here, which I have taken from the Cleveland Police website, reveal that drunken, uncontrolled, violent youths, most of them fatherless, semi-literate and innumerate, regularly turn Skelton's blocks of anti-social housing into no-go areas for decent folk.
Many of these lads progress to more serious offences, because they have never been taught right from wrong and sadly do not know the meaning of respect for their neighbours.
All that the Police can do is issue ASBOs, rather than those in Authority tackling the root causes that encourage poor little unplanned kids to be born into these indisciplined "homes" with little chance of a decent upbringing.

Many are virtually doomed from day one to fail at school, become social problems and perpetuate their own kind with careless passing sexual relationships more becoming of mongrel dogs in the street.

A total betrayal by our Socialist MPs and Councillors of all that our ancestors strove to achieve.

Tony Blair belatedly saw the light and famously said after 10 years of wasteful redistribution of the Nation's assets that he had come to realise that throwing money at Crime will not cure it.
Yet current Labour politicians still seem to imagine that just another two or three hundred pounds of someone else's money will create a magical metamorphosis of the amoral into upright, caring citizens.
As Einstein said, the surest sign of madness is to keep on doing the same thing and expect different results.
Many British people of the Post-War years decided that they could do well without the fiction of the Church and Chapel and the age-old family bonds of Marriage.
The free-expression educationalists could, with impunity, expel the established Discipline of the home and class-room.
Unfortunately, they chucked out a lot of precious babies with the bath water and condemned them to wasted lives.

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