Love Letter to the Skelton Saddler's Daughter.

The following scans have been contributed by Sue Mackechnie of Glasgow. She is the Great Great Great Grand-daughter of Zachariah Wilson. The story of his macabre death on the North Skelton Railway line and later similar death of his son is told on Page 22.
The scans are of a letter sent on December 11th 1912 to the daughter of Skelton Saddler, Henry Pattinson who lived at 15 High St.
Sue says that her father found it some 40 years ago in a place that looked like a "cobblers" in Skelton while working there as an electrician, saving this and other papers from destruction by workmen who were interested only in tearing off the old postage stamps.
The recipient, Thelma Pattinson, appears on the Skelton Census for 1901 living at this address, then aged 16.
The sender, Ray Wood, seems to have been a resident of the Skelton area, who had gone off to the West Riding of Yorkshire to find work in the coal mines.

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