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The following photographs and information have been emailed by Karen Done of Buxton, Derbyshire, who is trying to trace her ancestry.

"I have looked at your very impressive local history site.
Two of my grandparents were local residents and frequent visitors to Skelton in later years.
I, therefore, thought that you might be interested in some of our photographs.
My grandmother, Annie , was one of the elder daughters of the Watson family of Vaughan Terrace in Lingdale.
She married Arthur Kirk of North Skelton in 1918.
George Gill, who appears on the Band photograph, lodged with my great Aunts in North Skelton.
He was still living with them when I was a girl and we used to visit. My great aunts were Tamar, Dora and Doris Kirk.
They had a dressmakers business in a terrace house on the main road in North Skelton.
George looked after their allotment behind the house, as I remember, but he was retired by then.

Karen would like to contact any member of the Yaxley family still living in the Skelton area.
The Yaxley family are shown on this website on page 63 of the 1901 census living at 44 Boosbeck Rd.
The sons, William, certainly, and Edward, very likely, served in the First World War.
The Parish rate book for 1913 shows John Yaxley at 43 Cleveland St and Fred still at 44 Boosbeck Rd.
There were still Yaxleys at Skelton Green in 1947.
If anyone can help Karen in her search please contact the email address on the Introduction page of this website.

This was entitled "Boosbeck Jazz Band. 19 July 1919."
The only person identified is George Gill, sitting to the Left of the big drum, holding a drum stick.

A group from Boosbeck, N Yorks displaying their enjoyment of a drink.
The only one identified is Heny Kirk, the old man standing in the back row far left. He was an ironstone mine deputy at North Skelton Mine.
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