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L/Cpl A H Rooks and Portion of Church Plaque.
From Owen Rooks

I hope you don't mind but I have a slight correction.
Your page 57 1918-1919 states that Lance Cpl A.H.Rooks, a casualty of WW1, was in the 7th Yorkshire Regiment whereas, in fact, all his service was with the 6th Battalion,Yorkshire Regiment. Not a big error!!
Congratulations on the website. It's firmly in "My Favourites"
I hope Skelton appreciates the amount of effort you must have put in to place it on the www map-well done and thanks!

[I initially copied the information on ranks and units, as it was, on the plaque in All Saints Church, Skelton.
This was presumably placed around 1920 at the same time as the West window memorial.
I have since found that there are several anomalies among the entries on the Skelton Church Plaque, Skelton War Memorial, North Skelton War Memorial, the 1901 Census, the Stanghow Lane School Plaque, the Commonwealth War Graves website and a list by local historian Tom Curno.
But most of these entries agree and in the turmoil of the War and just after, before the world of computers, it is admirable just how well the people then kept track of such records.]


Harker St, Skelton Green. Probably winter of 1979.

From John Knaggs.

Just wanted to congratulate you on your web site.
I have just spent a couple of hours browsing it.

Especially delighted to find pictures of Harker St, Cleveland St and Boosbeck Rd.
My ancestors Richard Knaggs and his family once lived and traded there, as well as eventually buying up several houses.
I have Richard's family bible which only has one inscription - Skelton Green, 29th July 1873.
I believe this was the year he came to live at Skelton Green.
Do you think this was about the time the houses would have been built.
My Grandparents Herbert William and Salina Jane Knaggs lived at 13 Harker St.

Robert Knaggs, Richard Knaggs youngest brother was the village postman and census enumerator in 1891.

From Keith Bateman. [who kindly sent the photograph.]

I spent most of last night exploring your excellent site.
I lived in Harker Street, Skelton Green for 30 years.
My mother, Ivy Harrison was born there, as was her sister, Ella and two brothers, Bill and Lionel.
From the top of the street you can see the Junior School.
As you face the school, our house, 75, was at the top right - the one with the white plaster. At one time it was a shop - a bakery I believe.
Again looking towards the school, the top house on the bottom left row was a shop owned by Willie Nixon. We'd buy a newspaper cone of broken biscuits for 3d, but half of it was shredded paper!
I remember my Dad taking me to Barber Jack's for my haircuts.
I wonder if you have any plans to add to the site - do you have any further records from 1945?
Anyway, thanks for the memories!


See page 50A of History.

I am very intrigued by your narrative of the murder of Dan Chilvers as I do know something about his ancestry in Norfolk (not my family).

I think that the mystery would fit in nicely with Chilvers family stories that I have been publishing on my web site.
How would you feel about me using your form of words on a suitable page with an appropriate acknowledgement and a link to your pages for anyone interested in the photographs etc?
I look forward to your comments.
Kind Regards,

Richard CHILVERS. Worthing, West Sussex, England.

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