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The total population of Skelton village at this time was approximately 700.
The Account Book for 1822 details payments to 24 of these who were classed as being in need of poor relief.
Mark Harrison, Robert Thompson, Hannah Bell, John Briggs, John Sowerby, William Seaton, Jane Scrafton, Elizabeth Roberts, Frances Parker, Richard Morgan, Ann Wilson, James Watson, Alice Cook, Robert Tolley, Ann Lynas, Elizabeth Charter, Newark Pearson, Thomas Bryan, William Wren, Michael Lowe, William Emmerson, John Farqueson, Ann Ellis, Thomas Ellimer.
Each person received amounts varying between 1 shilling [5p] and an exceptional 7 shillings [35p] per week.

On what basis the needs of the Poor were assessed and why they varied is not known.
In those days each person belonged to a certain Parish by laws of "Settlement", usually birth, but rights could be acquired by marriage, working there for over a year or property ownership.
Most Parishes did their utmost to avoid additional responsibilities.
Therefore a strange system had developed whereby each Parish was responsible for the upkeep of their poor who lived elsewhere.
Skelton ratepayers had to maintain:-

In Sunderland, Co Durham, Francis Boynton, Jane Beardshaw and John Dalton.
In Whitby, N Yorks George Dixon, Thomas Dalton, Thomas Thwaites and Hannah Starford.
In Guisborough, N Yorks George Thompson, Joseph Hindson, and George Milburn.
In Hemsley, N Yorks James Hindson.
In Norton, Co Durham Elizabeth Thompson.
In Brotton, N Yorks Ralph Witton.
In Loftus, N Yorks George Robinson, Hannah Bell, Luke Lowe and Tobias Thompson.
In Stokesley Workhouse, N Yorks Isabel Buck at 3 Shillings a week.
The Overseers also handed out the amounts that philanthropic local people had bequeathed to the poor in their wills.
In Skelton among others, William Hutton had left 15 shillings [75p] to be doled out at Candlemas [Feb 2nd]. "Lings Dole" was 10 shillings to be handed out at Christmas.
Christopher Swales to pay the Overseers of the Poor of Skelton 10s yearly due at Christmas, being a Dole known by the name of Lings Dole, which said sum is paid out of his land at Stanghow for ever. [4 years unpaid to 1835].

Distributed Christopher Swales Dole for for two years ending Christmas 1824 by Robert Thompson, Overseer of the Poor of Skelton - Viz
To Newark Pearson
To William Lynas

1s 0d
1s 0d

In addition the Overseers paid rent for the poor which varied in Skelton between one shilling [5p] a week and sixpence [half as much].
As can be seen here, the Skelton ratepayers were obliged to pay the rent of people who were living elsewhere, but were classed as having Skelton as their Parish of settlement. This included Isabel Buck, who resided in the Workhouse at Stokesley, 12 miles away.
Paid Luke Lowe. House Rent for 1/2 year due Mayday 1822
Paid George Milburn's House Rent for 1/2 year, Guisbro'
Paid Stokesley Workhouse Rent for 1/2 year
Paid to the Carrier for conveying the same.
1 0s 0d
1 10s 0d
1 10s 0d

Paid for shift and petticoat for Isabel Buck
Paid for 2 shirts for William Seaton
3s 9d
7s 0d

Paid to Robert Bell, cordwainer for clogs and repair of shoes as per bill for William Lowe
Paid Robert Jolley to get his son clothes to fit him for sea

6s 8d
12s 0d

Paid Dr McRith his bill for Hannah Bell
Ditto for box ointment for John Sowerby
Paid extra relief to George Milburn when his family were laying ill in Smallpox.
1 10s 0d
1s 6d
5s 0d

Paid by Mr Hickson to Doctor Pattison for putting in Thomas Robinson's shoulder into its proper place

10s 6d

Paid by order of Mr Wharton towards John Bink's funeral
Paid Benjamin Taylor for a coffin for George Thompson
Paid Robert Nicholsons child funeral
Paid for ale at Stephen Wilson's funeral

1 10s 0d
1 0s 0d
1 0s 0d
3s 0d

Paid to John Smith when of work 1 day
Paid Thos Bryan extra relief when his wife was sick
Paid Robert Leng relief when his wife was confined
Paid to a sick family by the hand of Rev'd Mr Close
1s 2d
2s 0d
15s 0d
2s 6d

Paid to Robert Battey when out of employ
2s 6d

Paid for Ralph Weatherill's range mending
Paid Leonard Dixon for repairing John Briggs house
Paid for 3 bushels of Lime, by Government Order, to whitewash poor peoples houses
1s 0s
4s 6d
3s 0d

Paid for 2 bushels of coals for Ann Wilson
2s 4d

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