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ROBERT ATTERTON. 1862. Mine Death.

I found the following entry recorded on your website:-

"1862 - Skelton Shaft Mine. May 17. Robert Atterton, aged 22, was killed. The first [recorded] death of the many that would follow in the causeof raising iron in this area."

"Robert Atterton was my ancestor, his wife (Jane) gave birth posthumously to my Gt grandmother Mary Elizabeth Atterton in Nov. 1862.
Did you find this entry recorded in the parish records or a newspaper? If from a newspaper report perhaps you could send me details of which one?
I have been trying to locate the details of this death for several years.
If you have any futher information perhaps you would be kind enough to share it with me.
My family (Kime and Harding) lived in Nth Skelton/Skelton from the 1870's, my Grandfather Samuel dying in North Skelton in 1976. All had connections with the mine.
I must congratulate you on your fantastic web site. What a wealth of information. Keep up the good work."

Hilary Myatt.


A trade directory of 1937 records E G Rowland living at Rock Villa.
At some unknown date it was acquired by the Wesleyan Methodist Church as the manse for the local minister.
It was sold by the Church in 1962, when a modern estate house was bought.

The following e mail fills in some more details:-

"I really enjoyed browsing through your site.
My Great Grandfather, Edwin George Rowland lived in Skelton.
He was a clerk at one of the Ironstone Mines.
It was nice to see photos of Boosbeck Rd where my Nana was born in 1893.
In 1909 the family moved to Rock Villa which was newly built (we have a copy of the agreement between Edwin and the builder).
I know the house was still standing in the 1980s when we visited the area."

Best wishes, Shirley John


The building of the Viaduct over the Skelton Beck valley began in 1865

The line was opened in 1872 for trains to carry ironstone from the local Ironstone mines back to Middlesbrough to undergo the smelting processes.

The first passenger train service began in 1875, but the first stop was Brotton.

Skelton had to wait until 1902 for a Station.

"I am researching my family name (GLADDERS) and came across your web site on the history of Skelton, where you have the following relevant entries:-"

[1875] - A Mr William Gladders drove the first passenger train.

James Gladders, landlord of the Duke William, fined for permitting drunkenness on his premises.
Innkeepers - "Duke William", Jas Gladders.

"Word has it in our family that my Great Great Grandfather, William, was the first man to drive a train around Huntcliffe.
Your first comment above would seem to bear this out.
However, I have never managed to confirm this fact anywhere and was wondering if you could perhaps let me know where you found the information?
His brother, James, was I know the landlord of the Duke William."
Regards, Mike Gladders

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