1937 ~ 1937

Skelton High Street.
Wharton Arms - Charles E Skipper.
Smallholding - Mary Dunning
145 High St - John Frederick Holliday, Farm Bailiff to Whartons
149 High St - Dowson Bros, Clothiers. See photograph below.
151 High St - Dowson Bros, Grocers.
157 High St - Cleveland Gas Co Showrooms.
163 High St - George Paley, Ironmonger.
7 Yeoman St - Laura Goss, Shopkeeper.
Drill Hall - 4th Bat, C Company, The Green Howards.
Rock Villa - E G Rowland.
Rigwood - Mrs J P Hamilton.
Rushpool Hall - Miss G Walton.
Skelton Green.
2a Boosbeck Rd - Albert Covell, Fried fish.
The Hut - John Chapman, Hairdresser and Confectioner.
Green Inn - Clifford Bosworth, Landlord.
9 Boosbeck Rd - Isabel Mohun, Shopkeeper.

Bottom Right is the entrance to Robinson Street, with 149 High St on the Left, with the shop blind, and 151 to the Right.
Before the Second War these were Clothier and Grocery shops belonging to the Dowson Bros. They also had a shop in Vaughan Street, North Skelton.
I lived from 1940 to 1962 at 153 High Street and for much of that time 149 High St was the Electric Showroom.
Up to about 1953 151 High St continued as a Grocers run by Annie "Dowson" and her husband Dudley Rees-Davies.
There is a photograph of them on page E69.
It continued as a Grocery shop until the early 1970s under two different owners.
Some time later along with the house at 153 it suffered one of the cheap house conversions of the time, when the old Victorian shop front and the bay window next door were demolished and replaced with unsuitable flat PVC.

This later photograph shows the continuation of the High St - numbers 153 to 157 in the early 1970s.
The second door from the Left was the Grocery shop Store Room.
I well remember the strong musty smell [Sell-by-dates had not been invented] and going in there with Annie Dowson for things like a jug of vinegar from what seemed like a giant barrel to an infant. .
Next door, no 155, was a house occupied by Sarah Futter and her daughter Norah. Exactly when the old sandstone building was constructed is not presently known, but before the coming of the ironstone mines, it must have stood alone for some time at the East end of Skelton. Possibly as a small farm house.
At the far Right, 157, was the Gas Showroom, which for all my time there was run by Horace Harding, the husband of my mother's cousin, Gladys.
On the other corner of Dixon Street was Raymond Paley's Ironmongers, another modern, pathetic house conversion, that helped destroy the character of Old Skelton.

The Green Inn, Boosbeck Road, Skelton Green.

The Hut, Boosbeck Road - Barber Jack's

Boosbeck Road, Skelton Green.
12 Boosbeck Rd - William Carter, Dentist.
Post Office - Evelyn Annie Gratton, Stationer and PO.
William Mawson, Newsagent. 19 Boosbeck Rd - Robert Norman.
21 Boosbeck Rd - Joseph Walker, Furniture Dealer.
24 Boosbeck Rd - William Smith, Hearts of Oak Benefit Society.
42 Boosbeck Rd - William Evans, Baker.
47 Boosbeck Rd - Cornelius Parker, Boot repairer.
Ardmore House - William Alex Kirkpatrick.
Hobdale - William Petch, Farmer.
Miners' Hospital - Doctor W Stevenson, Doctor W A Kirkpatrick, Isabella Hannah Private, Matron.
Manless Terrace - William Georgeson, Shopkeeper.
31 Cleveland St - Hannah Cooke, Shopkeeper.
New Inn - Mary Ann Reynolds, Landlady.
Harker St - Nixon and Co, Grocers.

Manless Terrace, Skelton Green.
Trout Hall Lane - George Alfred Laing, Painter.
Trout Hall Lane - Ernest Dunning, Smallholder.
Airey Hill Farm - John Bell, Farmer
Manless Green Farm - Alfred Ross.
Newlands Farm - Harry Ross, Smallholder.
Manless Farm - Allan Thompson.

New Skelton.

1 Thomas St - Frederick Carter, Greengrocer.
5 Thomas St - Sarah Claxton, Shopkeeper.
1 Charlotte St - George Carter, Fried fish.
2 Charlotte St - Jeremiah Wilks, Grocer.
19 William St - David Grainger, Joiner.
29 John St - Ben Cook Larder, Painter.
1a Stanghow Rd - Harry Holmes, Boot repairer.
1 Stanghow Rd - George Leng, Beer retailer.

Vaughan St, North Skelton.

New Skelton - Methodist Chapel
New Skelton - Salvation Army Hall.
Hollybush Farm - Martin Hicks.
Woodlands Nurseries - Allan Hill.

North Skelton

Bull's Head, Vaughan St - Robert Addison, landlord.
4Vaughan St - Isaac Smith, Coal Dealer.
6 Vaughan St - Jack Boothby, Fried fish.
11 Vaughan St - Henrietta Bennett, District Nurse.
13 Vaughan St - Florence Harben, Shopkeeper.
17 Vaughan St - Confectioner.
22 Vaughan St - R and W Armstrong, Hauliers.
27 and 28 Vaughan St - Gordon Dowson, Grocer, Draper and Boots.
East Cleveland Co-operative Society.
Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange.
Working Men's Club.
Garage - Harold Patton.

Horsedriver, North Skelton Ironstone Mine.

11 Richard St - John Burluraux.
12 Richard St - John Chapman, Hairdresser.
31 Richard St - Thomas Wilson, Shopkeeper.
Matthew Theaker, Electrical engineer.

4 Wharton St - George Wilks, Shopkeeper.
10 Wharton St - Elizabeth Young, Confectioner.
47 Wharton St. - John Dunn, Fried fish.

5 Bolckow St - David Carver, Insurance agent.
Literary Institute - E W Templeman, Secretary.
North Skelton Pit - Dorman Long Co, Thomas E Slater, Manager.

Greenhills Farm - William Hutchinson.
Newbrook Farm - John Kidson.
East Pastures - Thomas Robinson.
Wet Furrows - Matthew Scott, Bailiff to Bolckow Vaughan.
Hagg Farm - Matthew Scott, Bailiff to Bolckow Vaughan.
Trout Hall Farm - Robert Stevenson

September 30th.
Herbert Ward, aged 32, of 29 Yeoman St, Skelton was killed in Brotton High Street.
While travelling on his cycle at night he tried to avoid a pedestrian and was unseated.
He was a member of the local Fire Brigade and his funeral was attended by:-
A very large company of mourners. The coffin, draped with the Union Jack and borne on the fire engine of the local Council, was headed by representatives of the Fire Brigades of Middlesbrough, Redcar, Marske, Saltburn, Guisborough, Loftus and Eston under Chief Officer A R Cranmer of Skelton.
The deceased's firmeman's helmet was placed on the coffin.
The Rev R W Wheatley officiated at the Skelton Parish Church and at the graveside.
A great number of local notables were present.

Burial of Herbert Ward in New Skelton Cemetery,
4th October 1937.
[Photograph and information kindly contributed by his nephew, Alan Ward.]

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