1890 - Bulmer's Directory of Skelton:-

North Skelton.
George Barker, Surveyor
Robert Bean, market gardener.
James Chisholm, Mechanical Engineer, Mine.
Robert Cross, Butcher.

North Skelton's Butcher.

Caroline Douglas, Schoolmistress.
George Harker, School Warden.
Bull's Head - Robert Horn, victualler.
Edwin Tuck, Grocer and Postmaster.

New Skelton
Rev Edward Flower, Curate.
Stanghow Lane School - Thomas Rixham, Headmaster.
George H Brown, Carrier.
Mathew Clark, grocer.

Manless Green Farm, Skelton Green

David Eli Grainger, boot factor.
William Kelso, clerk.
James Scott, dairyman.
Richard Tippet, Insurance agent.
William Watson, grocer.
Thomas Wright, Cemetery keeper and sexton.
James Dixon, cowkeeper.

Skelton Green
Green Inn, Boosbeck Rd, - William Tate, victualler.
Miner's Arms, Boosbeck Rd - Harriet Ord, victualler.
2 Boosbeck Rd - George Robson, Butcher.
17 Boosbeck Rd - William Knaggs, Bootmaker and dealer.
21 Boosbeck Rd - Joseph Walker, grocer and undertaker.
26 Boosbeck Rd - Mary Kidd, grocer.
29 Boosbeck Rd - Jane Padget, grocer.
45 Boosbeck Rd - Hannah Evans, Dressmaker.

The Green Inn, Skelton Green

Boosbeck Road, Skelton Green.

John Richardson, Blacksmith, 20 Trout Hall Lane.

51 Boosbeck Rd - Miss Martha E White, Schoolmistress.
61 Boosbeck Rd - William Seaton, flour dealer.
77 Boosbeck Rd - Richard Kidson.
87 Boosbeck Rd - Doctor David Michael Keily.
89 Boosbeck Rd - Doctor David Simpson Dunn.

Miners Hospital, Boosbeck Rd - Miss M A Mills, Matron.
Cleveland St - Richard Knaggs, grocer.
20 Trout Hall Lane - John Richardson, Blacksmith.
[John was born in Cassop, Co Durham and his wife Mary was born in Skelton. they had six children, all born in Skelton and the boy on the right in the picture is probably George Richardson, who followed his father in the blacksmiths' trade.]
Skelton Mill - Thomas Garbutt, Corn Miller. Skelton Park Pit - Joseph Curry, Engineer.
Skelton Park Pit - Thomas Varty, Engineer.
Skelton Ellars - William Walton Blackett, Basket maker.
Skelton Old Shaft Pit - Robert Hart, Under manager.

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